Environment friendly energy solutions

Waste to Energy

Naanovo is currently developing a number of Waste to Energy (WTE) projects utilizing a modular design, the company calls WTE Maax™. This unique design takes advantage of "best available" WTE technologies and maximizes the amount of power output that can be produced in the combustion of large volumes of municipal solid waste (MSW). In addition to large quantities of electricity, other, valuable commodities can be produced in the process, such as, potable water and cinderblocks. Each WTE/Maax™ module combusts 180 metric tons of MSW per day at a temperature exceeding 1,050°C (1,922°F), without the need for additional fuels, and produces a minimum generating capacity of 6 - 7 MW of electricity per hour. Each module incorporates the "best available technology" to ensure the highest standard of performance and the least possible impact on the environment.
A Technical FAQ document concerning WTE/Maax™ is available to qualified clients by contacting us at info@naanovo.com.

The advantages and major benefits of WTE/Maax™ include:

  • Production of electricity from Municipal Solid Waste
  • Production of potable water
  • Scrap metal recycling
  • Ash recycling
  • Eligible for Carbon Credits
  • Sorted waste or non-sorted waste processing
  • Near zero emissions;
  • Modular systems and components;
  • No cost feedstock - tipping fees actually add to revenues;
  • Feedstock flexibility;
  • Reducing dependency on imported petroleum;
  • Reduced need for landfill space
  • Adding value to local economy