Environment friendly energy solutions

Naanovo Core Values

At Naanovo, we are a feisty group of people who feel we have a greater purpose and responsibility than just making money. Our core values reflect this even though we spell feisty in a slightly different way (FEISTE).







Family is highly valued in all things that we do as a company, whether that be represented through individual employees that have their own families to consider, or whether that be through the business dealings we have within the broader community in which we operate, recognizing that all communities large and small are made up of families of all types, races, religions and creeds, that may be affected in various ways by the work we do. At Naanovo, family comes first.

Excellence is the gold standard in any successful business, the benchmark to which we at Naanovo purposely strive to achieve every day. We have already proven in our short history that by applying certain gold standard principles, such as CANI (Constant And Never-ending Improvement), we can compete very effectively in the global marketplace. With excellence as a core value, not only will we succeed as a company, but we will succeed as people.

Integrity is an important part of our character as a company and as individuals. It is something that we cannot take for granted and must be maintained at all cost, particularly in terms of how we represent ourselves to our clients, our suppliers, our employees, our partners and our friends. At all times we must behave responsibly, morally and ethically, in our business dealings and never knowingly create false promises or expectations that could damage the reputation of the company.

Stewardship reflects our sense of purpose as a company in that our reason for being is not simply to make money, but to contribute to the broader well-being of the global community, through the establishment of safe and responsible clean energy projects that protect and positively impact the planet's fragile environment. Our intentions are to put in place today the necessary clean energy technologies that will replace the need to consume fossil fuels for energy production in the future, resulting in a cleaner and greener planet for generations to come.

Transformation is the process of moving from one state to another. Through the use of best available clean energy technologies our goal is to move the world away from a dependency on fossil fuels to a dependency on renewable energy. We see this transformation as absolutely necessary considering fossil fuels are a finite resource and it is our responsibility to demonstrate to the world that there are viable alternatives. As a core value, everything we do reflects this understanding and our urgent need to be proactive in making this transformation happen as quickly as possible.

Entrepreneuring is at the heart of our core values as a company, implying that everything we do must not only contribute to the prosperity of the company, its shareholders and its employees, but also to the ideal of a free enterprise system which rewards hard work, innovation and adherence to basic values similar to our core values. Naanovo prides itself on being an entrepreneurial company and we look for the entrepreneurial spirit in our employees, contractors and suppliers, believing that spirit will transcend to the people and communities around us.