Environment friendly energy solutions

Solar Power

Naanovo has taken the concept of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) to the next level with its large scale solar power solution, which uses much lower temperatures than conventional CSP technologies and allows for maximizing the use of on-site storage to lengthen the production cycle long after the sun goes down. This CSP solution, which Naanovo calls SolarMaax™, uses a modern and efficient parabolic solar trough system, which concentrates the suns energy to heat water (or other thermal transfer fluid) to drive a turbine and generator used in the power block. Depending on local solar conditions, the power block may involve either conventional turbines or low temperature turbines.

Each SolarMaax™ system can be set up as a stand-alone system or connected together in a series to create larger systems. With the addition of modern thermal storage tanks, solar fields can be arranged to allow for the collection of enough hot water to be stored for extended operating hours. With the right solar conditions (solar insolation values of 5kWh/m2/day or higher) and the use of advanced storage systems, it may even be possible on certain days to produce electricity from the sun around the clock. Of course, with some form of fuel augmentation, it is already possible produce power around the clock. By producing solar power long after the sun goes down, the levelized cost per megawatt can be low enough to be competitive with conventional power plants.

The advantages and major benefits of SolarMaax™ are as follows:

  • Around the clock base-load power systems using concentrated solar power systems combined with thermal storage and fuel augmentation is possible
  • Zero pollution reduces the negative impact on environment;
  • Eligible for Carbon Credits
  • Short cost recovery period;
  • Modular design
  • Commercial scale systems from 1 MW to 1,000 MW
  • Can be manufactured in large quantities;
  • Minimal on site assembly required.

Why Parabolic Trough Collectors?

SolarMaax CSP Systems use advanced modular parabolic solar troughs with 94% reflectance capability that are pre-manufactured using light-weight and durable extruded fiberglass materials and aluminum which can be easily assembled on site using basic hand tools. Parabolic solar troughs are widely accepted and have a proven track record of performance. Their cost is generally lower than photovoltaic (PV) systems which require larger solar fields.

Recent improvements made in the design of the SolarMaax trough ensures less down time is required for maintenance and repairs than is normally required for other types of solar collectors. The reflective surface is not only durable but extremely efficient at reflecting the sun’s rays for maximum thermal concentration by the absorber tubes running along the length of the trough.

Concentration ratios of SolarMaax troughs range from 70:1 to 80:1, depending on the angle of the sun, cloud cover and location of the solar field. The troughs are easily computer controlled and systematized to track the sun along an east - west axis.