Environment friendly energy solutions

Solar Energy

Naanovo's Solar Power Division focuses on developing projects that utilize modular state-of-the-art concentrated solar power (CSP) systems, which the company calls SolarMaax™.

Utilizing already commercially proven, parabolic trough collectors together with a low temperature turbine and generator (LTTG) unit, each SolarMaax™ system module becomes a low cost solar thermal electric power facility. By using parabolic solar troughs to collect and concentrate the sun's thermal energy, then transferring that energy to a liquid medium running parallel to each trough, then transporting the heat captured in the liquid medium to an LTTG unit, SolarMaax™ systems are able to produce electricity from the sun's energy much more efficiently than any other solar power system on the market.

The liquid passing through the troughs can be heated to close to 450 degrees Celsius, a much higher temperature than is actually needed for the conversion process. This requires less circulating time for the liquid to pick up less heat, if used directly, or a cooling system needs to be applied to bring the temperature down to the desired working temperature. More importantly, however, the higher temperature liquid allows the hot medium to be stored in large thermal tanks to be drawn out slowly over time and even long after the sun goes down. With a large enough solar field and storage tank, not to mention ideal solar insolation conditions, it may even be possible to accomplish continuous "around-the-clock" power production.

It's all about conversion. With temperatures as high as 450 degrees Celsius, solar concentrators are able to achieve high enough temperatures to create steam to drive turbines to spin generators to produce electricity. With effective molten salt heat storage technology, and the lower temperature requirements of a LTTG unit, the process of converting the suns thermal energy into electricity can be done more efficiently and more economically than ever before.

Naanovo's SolarMaax™ plants have many advantages over conventional solar power systems. The primary advantages are as follows:

  • SolarMaax™ plants have no fuel costs or fuel handling concerns;

  • Solar heated water can be stored in tanks to ensure ample supply for peak power production in a 24 hour/day basis;

  • Solar heated water can be stored in tanks to ensure ample supply for peak power production on a 24 hour/day basis;

  • SolarMaax™ plants utilize proven parabolic solar collectors that are widely used and accepted in the solar energy industry;

  • SolarMaax™ plants consist of several modular units connected in parallel, which means that only partial shut-down is required when a failure in any one module occurs.

  • SolarMaax™ plants are 100% pollution free.

  • SolarMaax™ plants cost less than 2 US cents per kilowatt hour over the life of the system, inclusive of capital costs and operating costs.

  • SolarMaax™ plants represent the lowest capital cost recovery time of any other solar power system on the market.

SolarMaax™ systems are available in virtually any size starting from 1 MW. Larger systems will likely comprise multiples of 5 MW (our largest PowerMaax™ unit). Essentially, the only limit to the size of a SolarMaax™ system is the size of the solar field, which is directly effected by the amount of land available. Naanovo already has a number of large-scale SolarMaax™ systems under development that will see Naanovo quickly become the largest solar power company in the world.