Environment friendly energy solutions


Steven J. R. Brant, President & CEO

A co-founder of Naanovo Energy Inc., in September 2001, Steven Brant is President & Chief Executive Officer of the Naanovo Group of Companies. Mr. Brant is accountable to the Board of Directors and shareholders and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company, overseeing all financial, administrative and operational matters, including: strategic planning; policies and procedures development; and recruiting of top talent to fill executive vacancies. He is also responsible for developing and maintaining strong working relationships with project lenders; banks; strategic partners; government, community and industry leaders; and other project stakeholders.

Mr. Brant holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of Guelph and has an extensive background in banking, energy and management consulting and alternative energy. Over the past 30 years, he has held senior and executive positions with the Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of Montreal, Northland Bank and Peace Hills Trust Company. Mr. Brant has also held senior advisory positions with Husky Oil Operations Ltd. and Synenco Energy Inc., both being leaders in Canada's petroleum exploration and oil sands industry. A Mohawk Indian, Mr. Brant is a former Chairman of the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation (NAAF) formerly known as the Canadian Native Arts Foundation (CNAF), having served on its Board for 15 years, six years as its Chairman. Mr. Brant also served on the Board of Newsys Inc. a former public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

Hassan Fatimi, Senior Consulting Engineer

Hassan Fatimi is a professional engineer with more than 40 years of knowledge and diversified industrial experience, having worked in Pakistan, KSA, Tunisia, Germany, Croatia, Malaysia and India on numerous large scale industrial projects. Mr. Fatimi is a graduate of the University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore, Pakistan, with a BSc in mechanical engineering and a Project Management Diploma from the International Development Agency in the UK. In additioin to providing engineering support to senior management, Mr. Fatimi provides engineering support to the WTE and Solar Divisions and their respective project teams where necessary.

Angel Martilia, Regional Vice President, Caribbean and Latin America

Angel Martilia is Regional Vice President of Sales for the Caribbean and Central America region. His role is to develop project opportunities for Naanovo in the region. A long time resident of the Island of Aruba in the Dutch Antilles, Mr. Martilia has had extensive entrepreneurial and sales experience covering the entire Caribbean and many parts of Central America. Fluent in 5 languages, Mr. Martilia is influential and well regarded among the numerous islands in the Caribbean from his previous business interests in the import and export business.

Eddie Odeh, Regional Vice President, Middle East and South Asia

Eddie Odeh is Regional Vice President for the Middle East and South Asia region. His role is to develop project opportunities for Naanovo in the region. A long time resident Jordan and Saudi Arabia and currently the U.S., Mr. Odeh has had extensive entrepreneurial and sales experience covering the entire Middle East and many Islamic countries in other parts of the world. Fluent in English and Arabic, with an MBA, Mr. Odeh is influential and well regarded among the numerous countries he deals with.

Tony Fiddy, Regional Vice President, Europe and Africa

Tony Fiddy is Naanovo's Regional Vice President for Europe and Africa, with primary responsibility for developing Naanovo projects in those two continents. As the former Chairman and CEO of the Plantwise Group of Companies, based in the UK, Tony oversaw an international company which specializes in exporting construction equipment from the UK to Africa and the Middle East in support of the mining and power industries. Sourcing mining equipment, power plant equipment and essential spare parts for several out of the way projects was his specialty. Although his expertise is primarily in sales, Tony has over the years forged relationships with a broad network of seasoned industry professionals, government officials and equipment manufacturers across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, which has proven valuable to Naanovo. Tony was also the former National Chairman and Branch Chairman of the Contractors Mechanical Plant Engineers (CMPE) and a Member of the Institute of Exporters.

Tony Fiddy has many interesting hobbies and outside interests including golf and power boat racing. He was the former Captain of his golf club and is currently the Commodore of the Classic Offshore Owners Club and a Vice President of UKOBA, the UK's largest offshore powerboat racing club. Although he still finds time for racing, Tony is also active in supporting local charities for children and youth in the UK. His favorite motto is: IT IS NICE TO BE IMPORTANT BUT IT IS IMPORTANT TO BE NICE.

Lisa Mulet, Vice President - Administration

Lisa Mulet is Vice President of Administration and is responsible for all administrative functions within the company, including: human resources, communications, computer systems and networks, telecommunications, travel administration, office management, public relations and training. Lisa brings to the company over twenty years of diversified management experience in Administration, Human Resources, IT and Property Management, as well as analytical and problem solving skills and organizational abilities. She is thoroughly familiar with regulatory and policy issues relating to industry, management, employee benefits, employee development and cultural diversification. A consummate team builder and motivator, Lisa is highly regarded and  respected by her peers for being "smart, industrious, tenacious, and dedicated no matter what the challenge". Prior to joining Naanovo Energy, Lisa worked with many influential companies in Florida including, The Related Companies, AIMCO, Andrx Laboratories and Loews Hotel.

Anthony AR de Culawe Hemelrijk, Regional Vice President, Central America

Anthony Hemelrijk is Regional Vice President for Central America. He is also the President and CEO of Naanovo Energy Central America S.A. Based in San Salvador, El Salvador, Mr. Hemelrijk has been a member of Naanovo's regional executive team since June 2009. His role and responsibility is to develop project opportunities for Naanovo throughout Central America in the area of solar and WTE and to provide oversight and support to Naanovo subsidiaries in the region, including Naanovo's minority interest in Guatemala Solar Group S.A. Prior to joining Naanovo, Mr. Hemelrijk was President and CEO of Eurolink Group S.A. where he still maintains a majority ownership interest. Educated in Belgium and Switzerland, with a Masters in Business Management, Mr. Hemelrijk is an experienced world traveler with business related experience in the area of telecommunications; retail sales and marketing; management and accounting; and finance. Fluent in English, Spanish German, Dutch and French, Mr. Hemelrijk is well respected in Central America, having lived in El Salvador for the past eight years, and has numerous influential contacts around the world. He is currently a director and shareholder in several alternative energy related companies.

Dr. Mohammed Deeb, PhD, PEng, President, Naanovo Energy Sources Inc. (Syria)

Dr. Mohd Deeb is President of Naanovo Energy Sources Inc. Syrian born, Dr. Deeb received his Bachelor's degree in engineering from Aleppo University in Syria and his doctorate degree in engineering from the University of Calgary in Canada. With an engineering career spanning over twenty years, Dr. Deeb has worked extensively throughout the Middle East, Canada and the United States. He has worked on various engineering projects including: construction of roads, water pipelines and housing projects; oil and gas development; oil storage facilities; power plants, ceramic plants and chemical plants; bridges and dams; military projects; and factories, having worked for companies such as 3M, Midland Oil, MH Mille House, M2 Annual, Alfiahaa Company, United Arab Group and Potomac Energy. Dr. Deeb has been President of Energy Sources Inc. since 2003 and President of Naanovo Energy Sources Inc. since 2006. From 2007, member of USGBC and UNFCCC, Manager of Go Green program in Middle East as activity of IRENA 2008