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About Us

SolarMaax is another leading edge alternative energy technology available from Naanovo. Each SolarMaax CSP System is a state-of-the-art Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) facility that uses parabolic solar troughs to collect and concentrate the sun's energy to generate electricity. The parabolic trough design was developed in the UK jointly between Solar Maax Limited and Censa Solar Limited, a UK company based on the Isle of Wight.

Known as the SolarMaax Trough, this new, innovative light weight, trough design uses an extruded fiberglass material unique in the industry, for added strength and durability, while requiring less machined parts, less handling and less time to assemble in the field, resulting in less cost per kWh.

It’s all about energy concentration and conversion. Parabolic troughs are able to concentrate the suns thermal energy as much as 75 times. This produces temperatures up to 400o C which is necessary to create steam. By passing steam through a standard steam turbine connected to a generator, the thermal energy is transformed into mechanical energy which is in turn converted into electricity. With effective heat storage, the process of converting the suns thermal energy into electricity can be extended long after the sun goes down. Doing this efficiently and economically is what differentiates SolarMaax from other CSP technologies available on the market.