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Welcome to Solar Maax

SolarMaax is the answer to a modern day prayer, turning the sun’s energy into commercial quantities of electricity, safely and economically. By combining SolarMaax troughs with off-the-shelf power block components, it is now possible able to take advantage of the world’s most abundant natural resource, the sun.

SolarMaax is an engineered solar power system that maximizes the available solar resources at each location, whether in high solar irradiation zones, such as the Middle East or the American southwest, or in moderate solar irradiation zones such as Latin America or Central Africa. By carefully analyzing the available solar resources and matching it with the proper sized solar field and then selecting the power block equipment best suited to maximizing power, SolarMaax engineers can turn sunshine into power without any negative impact on the environment.

Our Goal

The goal of SolarMaax is to become the world's pre-eminent supplier of affordable solar energy and, in doings so, leave a positive impact on the environment in which we all live that will benefit future generations to come.

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